Be EXTRAordinary

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but we aim too low and we reach it.”        -Michelangelo

Why not go above and beyond the expectations of others? Is it that nerve wrecking to think that there might be a little more in the tank than what we assume? Sometimes we surprise ourselves by pursuing our dreams and what others believe to be impossible, but why? If we have the will power within us, why don’t we always perform at the highest level of our capability?

We cut ourselves short of ‘what could be’, and we settle for ‘whats good enough’. The feeling of pure happiness resides within us, and it can only be uprooted from within when we take that chance to be extraordinary. Some would say that ‘happiness’ is all around us, which is true in my eyes. Happiness is all around us, but true happiness is only fulfilled when we are doing what we love.

All of sudden time itself cannot measure the pure joy of being alive and having each and every opportunity, within our power, in reach. It doesn’t matter if it lasts five minutes to five days, nothing will ever surpass the rush of excitement we feel after accomplishing a task that was once impossible. Nothing is impossible, we just like to tell ourselves that so we don’t have to waste our time pursuing a dream that will never come true. Think about all of the great philosophers and entrepreneurs that were all wearing the same shoes that we are at one point in their lifetime. Some didn’t even have shoes, but that’s besides the point. They all had their own personal epiphany, but they will all have the same mental mindset. They all think, and most importantly believe, that nothing will stop them from getting what they want in life. They all came to the realization that being extraordinary is only for those who are crazy enough to think that the impossible is just a mental wall that we all build for ourselves to let us know that we have reached our peak.

Now that we all have been repeatedly reminded of how great we really can be, why not test the water. Most of us see failure as a negative in any light, but the driven find a positive out of everything. Who is to say that we all can’t be extraordinary? It is time that we all see how great we can actually be.

Shooting for the moon and landing in the stars isn’t bad. We all admire them once in our lives, why not strive to be among them?


About readysetgo365

I am a college student currently pursuing a career within the sports industry. I have a lot of goals in life and I always try to see the brighter side of everything. I am very creative and love to paint. Smiling and laughing is one of my favorite hobbies since it never gets old to me. I see life as opportunity to help other people see how great they really are. I'm all about helping others because it makes me feel better as a person.
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